Monday, May 7, 2007

Little Rough Gallery

So here's a little gallery of our work not shown earlier in the blog. I'm glad to have access to Photoshop for this part! These were all plein air - with no further work, just as we brought them home. Above is Sandie's painting from the Keukenhof, a magnificent garden park.

Here's my view of a little bridge on the canal near our Hotel.

Sandie's work from the tulip field (last one standing, I think) in Lisse.

Paula's painting from the canal area is above.

This is Paula's painting from the Lisse tulip field.

My painting from the Lisse tulip field.

Ros's tulip field painting is above.

Ros' from the canal area (sold).

My 6x6 quickie from Keukenhof (above).

This is the painting of the canal that Ros sold right from her easel.


Debbie Miller said...

fantastic! Ive really enjoyed all these Kelley. what a great trip. how big is that long one you did of the tulip fields? love that composition. your photos from the trip are great too. love those homes with the shutters flung

Kelley MacDonald said...

Debbie, I'm so glad you looked in on the blog! My long one is 31 inches long! I took it off the frame (bought it in europe, so it's not one of our standard sizes) and am having Providence Picture Frame mount it on gatorboard and stick it in a frame. It's my favorite painting from the trip. I love the open shutters, too, and we saw actual 'dutch doors', which I love.

Karen Mathison Schmidt said...

The tulip field in Lisse may have been the last one standing, but it looks like a good one! I love all the paintings ... it's really interesting seeing different artist's interpretations of the same location. Yours has an especially tranquil beauty to me.
Thanks for making the time and effort to post these ... wonderful!